>Sept. 19 meeting
The city of Madras is holding an open house for public input to the city's draft Public Improvement Design and Construction Standards on Wednesday, Sept. 19, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Madras City Hall.
   Staff encourages any and all interested parties to attend for a question and answer period with staff and the city's Planning Commission.
   The draft public improvement design and construction standards can be found on the city's website located at
   These standards will guide construction of public improvements for both new development and redevelopment in Madras. This document addresses street classification design standards, transportation infrastructure, water, sewer and stormwater infrastructure, and landscaping requirements, among other things.
   Having this document adopted and in place will ensure:
   . Quality infrastructure;
   . Public improvements with cost effective maintenance;
   . Public improvements that do not place excessive burdens on developers/homeowners;
   . An aesthetically pleasing public realm;
   . Uniformity among the city's public infrastructure;
   . Protection of public health, property and natural resources;
   . Standard permitting and inspection processes.
   The city of Madras initiated the project to revise the city's current design standards, and provide developers with an updated, consolidated document.
   For more information, contact the City Public Works Department at 541-475-2622.
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