>   One of the best sportswriters in the country, football guru Peter King, pens a regular column outlying "things I think I think."
   That always impressed me to no end, that someone could be so insightful that even spouting off things he thinks he thinks is worthy of a column befitting national attention.
   But upon further review, that's pretty much what every column in the country is, essentially, things someone thinks they think -- regardless of how forceful and assertive they come off. In this day and age, can anyone be certain of anything?
   So, I'll call this week's column what it is. Here are some of things that, as of this Tuesday morning, I think I think ...
   That the best part of early fall is those still-warm days with the spectacular autumn sunlight painting the high desert -- but what I'd really like to see is a major rainstorm come pouring down to douse those fires and clear our air.
   That Pepe's needs to find a place to put up shop, and put out those combo burritos. There may not be a more important local issue.
   That I doubt there is any place in the country with more pizza outlets per capita than in the Madras area. Now, Pizza Hut apparently plans to add to our selection choice. But, hey, can anyone, or any place, have too much pizza?
   I think I think of food too much.
   That those 93 layoffs at the Warm Springs mill were very upsetting, until I learned the next day that they were essentially seasonal layoffs, that they all were expected to be hired back in February, and that substantial equipment work within the mill will be taking place during the fall, including a $4.5 million grant to update the boiler system.
   That maybe one six-year term for our presidents might be better than two potential four-year terms. Our current system has given us a president that has maybe two years to establish (or inflict) policy, then two years to campaign in hopes of winning a second four-year term, of which at least the last one would be a lame-duck year. I think I think one six-year term, like the Mexican system, makes more sense.
   I think that this is a great time of the year for sports, certainly for the "king" sport of football. Both the Ducks and Beavers are kicking tail. And how fun is it (unless you're a Packer fan) to watch the magnanimous NFL implode with amateur officials blowing call after call? Seriously, how much do you care, as long as your fantasy players are racking up stats?
   That the White Buffalos football squad is a kick to watch. Quarterback Steele Haugen is throwing the ball about two-thirds of the plays, and he's very accurate, often incredibly accurate. Receiver Jack Fine is very steady and rarely drops a ball. Meanwhile, Devin Ceciliani is making spectacular, next-level catches and runs. The guy stuck five touchdowns on Crook County, returning the opening kick for a TD, running for two and catching two -- the last a diving, well-defended catch in the endzone that may have been the best ever on the MHS field.
   I think I think of sports too much.
   And I think that one of the best employees the Madras Pioneer has ever had, Bev Schonneker, our longtime bookkeeper, is retiring from duty at the end of the month, and that she'll be missed. That much I know I know.
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