>Two arrested in connection with woman's disappearance
Less than a week after Warm Springs police recovered the body of tribal member Jonas Andrew Miller, 33, on the reservation, another body has been recovered.
   According to Beth Anne Steele, spokeswoman for the FBI, on Oct. 5, the Warm Springs Police Department and FBI recovered the body of Faron Kalama, who had been reported missing earlier in the week.
   She was found in a remote area of the reservation. Results of an autopsy have not yet been released.
   The WSPD arrested two women, Tana Lawrence and Angeldith Kalama, ages not given, on charges of assault and battery, kidnapping and sexual assault in connection to Faron Kalama's disappearance.
   Police are continuing the investigation into the death of Miller, who died of homicidal violence, but have no indication that Kalama's death is connected.
   Both investigations are ongoing. "We are not releasing specifics on where the remains were found or on the relationship between Faron and the others," said Steele.
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