>CRR board doles out committee assignments
By John Bowler
   CRR Correspondent
   The last Crooked River Ranch Club and Maintenance Association board meeting on Sept. 24 was the first official monthly meeting of the board with all the new directors elected in August.
   The meeting began with the swearing in of Director Mitch Poppert, followed by the first piece of business: passing a motion to form a publicity committee. The action was a result of work done last year to improve Ranch communications, which in turn resulted in a new monthly news letter format which has been well-received by Ranchers.
   Volunteers will be needed on the committee and anybody interested should contact Ranch Administrator Judy LaPora at 541-548-8939.
   The board also approved a motion to set up a covenants, codes and restrictions review committee to see that they are enforced.
   President Ben Johnson announced new assignments for the board as follows:
   Director Vene Dunham, who was not present for the meeting, needs to approve his assignment as advisor for the Facilities Services Department. Director James Dille will be the committee liaison for the Neighborhood Phase Rep Committee; Dille and Poppert will be a team for the security and safety issues; Dille will assist Director Jim Martin on the team for the Employee Handbook update; directors Michelle DeSapio and Poppert were assigned as a team for the non-golf recreation and youth programs; and Secretary Paula Bartolomei and Vice President Kit Henderson will be the committee liaisons for the Publicity Committee.
   Johnson reported there has been an update on the action log. Poppert will have the task of community cleanup/recycling projects for the Ranch; Bartolomei and Henderson will carry out the review of committees; Treasurer Herb Parker and LaPora will assist Martin with updating/creating the homeowners association disaster plan; Martin and Dille will help Johnson with the Employee Handbook review; Poppert, Dille and DeSapio are charged with updating the association emergency plan; Barrtolomei, Dille and Henderson will work collectively on the Value/Vision/Mission planning; and Poppert will assist Dunham with the disc golf project.
   Proposed MAC measure
   The Madras Aquatic Center has proposed a 40 cent per $1,000 operating levy for the MAC district, which follows the 509-J School District boundaries and doesn't include Crooked River Ranch.
   The proposed levy by that organization would raise about $240,000 to cover the cost of operating it a full 12 months of the year, instead of the 11 months it is now.
   Ranch board members have expressed concern that, if passed, the levy might result in a reduction in the services that the Ranch receives from the county, as explained in last week's Pioneer article by Editor Holly Gill on the subject.
   County Assessor Jean McCloskey said she was not sure how the amount of the levy was determined by the MAC board and nobody else could be found in county or state offices that had that information.
   However, all contacted agreed that it was a definite possibility that it could affect services. McCloskey said she had been advised that software was available to a supplier her office had contracted with in the past that could compute the impact of the levy on various county departments that provide services.
   County Administrator Jeff Rasmussen observed that there was some concern about the levy's impact among the commissioners. Evidently, it was not sufficient to have them ante up $600 for an accurate projection of what county services might be affected.
   In short, the 58 percent of county voters eligible to vote on this initiative won't really be informed by the forthcoming voters pamphlet just what impact passing their levy will have on county services provided to them and their fellow voters.
   What's bothering Ranch officials is that they are among the other 42 percent of registered county voters who won't be eligible to vote on the levy Nov. 6. It makes some of them wonder what this country's founding fathers might have told the King of England back in 1776 regarding how they felt about that in addition to taxation without representation.
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