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I know, well, I hope at least, most of my life hasn't occurred yet.
   I've been around sports for, essentially, my whole life. I've seen quite a bit the sports world has to offer, and I know the possibilities are nearly endless as to what I could see, but I had a first on Saturday.
   I covered my very first skateboarding competition.
   The Cakeatr (yes, that's spelled correctly) skateboard competition was my first assignment in the "extreme sports" genre, and I really enjoyed my time out there.
   I have watched the X Games, extreme sports' version of the Olympics, on television quite a bit, but I was mainly focused on people wiping out and falling on their faces.
   Broken bones and blood on air was a bonus.
   Come on, you know that's why you watched it, too.
   Anyway, while I certainly didn't want any of the kids on Saturday to get hurt, I was expecting to see a fair share of spills and crashes.
   The weird thing was, I didn't.
   While the kids competing were pretty good, they are kids, and kids screw up from time to time. I know from experience.
   I was snapping pictures like papparazi outside Britney Spears' house, trying to capture one grand crash, or perhaps a skateboard in the air while the rider was not on top of it - but it didn't happen.
   Why? Those kids were better than I thought they would be.
   Even little 7-year-old Quintin LaVille from Portland managed to stay on his board for all of his runs.
   The kid's knee pads covered up not just his knees, but most of his shins and part of his thighs. He's just a tiny little fella, but boy, did he have some big-time skill and courage.
   He was just one of the youngsters I was impressed with while covering the event. It just goes to show that if you really want to do something well, all you have to do is dedicate yourself to it.
   Chances are, someday, you'll succeed.
   Speaking of giving it your all, I want to give a shoutout to the Culver High School football team.
   Friday night, well, the entire season rather, things haven't gone the Bulldogs' way. In three games, they have scored only twice and have just been pounded on.
   However, during the second half of Friday's game against Vernonia, when the game was well in the Loggers' favor, I heard something great. It was something I wasn't expecting.
   It was cheering from the Culver sidelines.
   They were getting worked pretty bad on the field, but the kids were still vested in the game. They were still screaming and yelling on the sidelines to support teammates, no matter what the score.
   And it was all positive talk, too. None of that negative, degrading stuff. It was great.
   So congrats to coach Brian Silbernagel and his crew. Many teams can learn from his.
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