To the Editor,

   Your recent editorial lamenting a lack of common sense regarding Dr. Beamer's dismissal from Mountain View Hospital was shameful and a grave disservice to the community, the board of directors and the administration of the hospital district.
   Go back and read some past issues of the Pioneer. Consider the efforts that have been made addressing the challenges faced by this hospital. Look at services preserved and even expanded at Mountain View, many of which are no longer available in a lot of rural hospitals, including in Central Oregon.
   The recognition that Mountain View Hospital District cannot continue to provide 21st century health care in Jefferson County without asking for assistance was neither a quick nor an easy decision to arrive at. But it was made after a thorough and in-depth evaluation of all options, by an elected, volunteer board, some of whom have decades of service and experience. They have seen the hospital district through many challenges over the years. They made their decision as a board dedicated to looking to the future and what is in the best interests of Madras and Jefferson County.
   To suggest that Dr. Beamer's dismissal may have been in some way retribution or an attempt to silence his opposition to the pending merger with St. Charles is appalling. Any decision we make, every action we take has its own set of consequences. In the choices we make, we are obligated to accept the inherent consequences of those decisions, those actions.
   This episode is an unfortunate situation and is yet another loss for our community. Please don't make it worse by casting unwarranted blame.
   Thomas M. Manning, M.D.
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