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A prison may be an unlikely setting for a party, but on Saturday, Nov. 3, the community has the opportunity to do some time in the "Big House" to benefit Juniper Junction Relief Nursery, a Jefferson County child abuse prevention program.
   From 7-10 p.m., the medium-security facility at Deer Ridge Correctional Institution in Madras will be the locale for "Big Night in the Big House."
   The party begins with the "booking" of guests, who walk away with a souvenir mug shot and fingerprint card. The prison experience includes delectable snacks from the "chow hall" and a variety of "correctional programs," including Trivial "Prison" Pursuit. Tickets for the evening of entertainment are $35 each.
   "Deer Ridge Correctional Institution has been extremely supportive of Juniper Junction and has offered the rare opportunity to visit the inside of our medium-security prison before its doors open," said Tryna Muilenburg, executive director of the Juniper Junction Community Council.
   "It would really be a crime to miss this event!" Muilenburg joked.
   Juniper Junction Relief Nursery serves the families of infants and toddlers who have multiple risk factors for child abuse and neglect. The goal of the program is to keep children safe and families together.
   Muilenburg added that the setting also serves as a sobering reminder of the cost child abuse incurs on local communities.
   "Preventing that cycle of abuse increases the chance that these children will avoid the legal system as adolescents and adults," she said.
   Deer Ridge Correctional Institution is located at 3920 East Ashwood Road in Madras.
   Tickets are on sale at the Juniper Junction Relief Nursery, the Madras-Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, and at the Madras branch of Home Federal Bank.
   For more information about "Big Night at the Big House," JJCC and the Juniper Junction Relief Nursery, visit the website at or call Kelly at 541-475-2537.
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