>   By Duran Bobb
   W.S. Correspondent
   A small fire in the conference room of the Indian Head Casino in Warm Springs forced officials to evacuate the facility early Thursday morning.
   The fire was caused by the newest ATM machine, which was being tested for installation. The sprinkler system was triggered, causing an extensive amount of water damage to the main offices.
   Fire Chief Dan Martinez arrived on scene just after 6 a.m., Oct. 11, to find black smoke pouring out of the main conference room.
   "The power source was shut off to the main office, but the main floor still had power," he said. "The casino was evacuated of the few guests who were inside."
   A professional cleanup crew was called in to extract wet carpets. Electricians also checked the wiring and the sprinkler system was repaired and recharged.
   The casino was closed until around 3 p.m.
   "We're estimating $175,000 in damage to equipment, dry walls, and water damage," Martinez said.
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