>   To the Editor,
   A card that was sent to me recently had the inscription "what lies behind us and what lies in front of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." I can live with that. I am deeply appreciative and grateful for those who have spoken and written on my behalf.
   There is something, however, that lies ahead for both myself and the community, and that is the vote on the tax levy for the MAC Recreation District.
   Much has already been stated regarding the significant benefits of the pool and recreation district, as well as the confounding compression issue. As the jail physician, I risk putting myself at odds with my friend the sheriff and his staff, but I know that they will respect my position.
   My wife, Beth Ann and myself have spent most of our careers espousing preventative measures. We, like many others, understand the importance of putting our efforts at the top of the waterfall rather than at the bottom.
   How we all feel, is how we all live. Our attitude affects our choices and how we treat others. To be dispirited robs us of our will to move forward and make the most of our lives. The cure is simple -- play.
   They are taking play out of school and it will affect learning; particularly in the soul weary child. Adults are big kids that also need to enliven their spirits.
   When considering the nature and unlimited play activities sponsored by the MAC Recreation District, the impact of the entity is huge for our community. Everyone benefits.
   After four shoulder surgeries, I may be able to just make it across the pool -- side stroking. My visits to the pool are therefore limited. Unemployment has created financial challenges. Our family, however, will support the levy measure no matter what.
   Steve Janzen made some kind comments regarding my situation in a recent letter to the editor that I appreciated. I know that he, along with those of similar opinion, have been opposed to the pool from the very start. I understand their position and their concern of whether the benefits of the pool and recreation district will justify the expense for the nonusers and those with limited or fixed incomes. I believe that the benefits are substantial and significantly increase community livability.
   It has been said that the future that we hold in trust for our children and grandchildren (and society as a whole) will greatly depend on our fairness to other people's children. We all suffer when a child suffers.
   To have our hard earned dollars go to the ever-increasing legal, social, and health care costs that burden us supports a losing battle. There is clear evidence that the problems creating these expenditures are spawned in the early years of life. We are becoming bankrupt and drowning at the bottom of the waterfall. How much better would it be to have our taxes be able to go to support and create programs that help kids and community members succeed.
   Empathy and caring for other's makes the recipients feel good. The same can be said for those doing the caring -- "in giving we will receive". Let us do those things that put some joy in all of our lives.
   Bud & Beth Ann Beamer
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