>   Jefferson County's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate dropped from 12.5 percent in August to 12.2 in September. The September 2012 rate was also less than a year ago, when the September rate was 13.3 percent.
   Jefferson County added 80 jobs in September, which outperformed the gain of 50 jobs typical for that time of year. However, all of the job growth in September was public sector, primarily schools. A total of 120 jobs were added with the start of school. In the private sector, the county lost 40 jobs in the month.
   But over the year -- from September 2011 to September 2012 -- the county added 100 jobs in total, led by growth in the tribal sector, which was keyed by the opening of Indian Head Casino last winter.
   September unemployment in Crook County was 13.8 percent, down from 14.3 percent in August. In Deschutes County, the jobless rate was 11.1 percent, down from 11.4 in August. The employment statistics are compiled by Gail Krumenauer, economist for the Oregon Employment Department.
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