by: Photo By Holly Gill - Holly M. Gill/The Pioneer MAC supporters await results of the vote on an operations levy on Tuesday night at Rio Restaurant. Co-chairmen of the MAC PAC Scott Schierling, left,  and Lonnie Henderson face each other. Also pictured are Jim Gemelas, treasurer (second from right), and board member Steve Hillis (in blue).  The operations levy failed by about 350 votes.

   Supporters of the Madras Aquatic Center's operational levy request were disappointed Tuesday night when the proposal failed by about 350 votes.
   In final, unofficial returns, 2,418 (53.9 percent) voted against the levy, and 2,069 voted for it.
   Lonnie Henderson, co-chairman of the MAC PAC, was pleased with the community's support for the aquatic center's efforts "to make our community healthy, safe, and economically stable."
   With a nod to the Fleetwood Mac song, Henderson sad, "We won't stop thinking about tomorrow and still believe we can create a better and healthier community than before. Even though this levy did not pass, we won't stop believing."
   Maybe it's a testament to the ease of the vote-by-mail process, but Jefferson County once again surpassed both state and national voting averages with more than four out of five registered voters casting their ballots -- 81.3 percent. That compares to 63.9 percent for the state, and a similar national rate.
   County voters bucked the state and nationwide trend and cast 4,576 votes for Mitt Romney for president, to 3,238 for Barack Obama, who handily won re-election.
   U.S. Rep. Greg Walden won re-election with 5,448 votes to Democrat Joyce Segers' 2,187, while state Rep. John Huffman was re-elected with 4,836 votes compared to 2,357 for Democrat Gary Ollerenshaw. State Sen. Ted Ferrioli was unopposed and received 5,275 votes.
   Secretary of State Kate Brown was re-elected with 50.7 percent of the state's vote, but county voters preferred Knute Buehler by a vote of 4,365 to Brown's 3,026.
   A similar scenario played out for Treasurer Ted Wheeler, who was re-elected with 58.5 percent of the vote, and Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, who was returned to office with 55.4 percent of the vote. County voters favored Tom Cox for treasurer, by a vote of 3,695 to Wheeler's 3,416, and James Buchal by a vote of 3,815 to Rosenblum's 3,222.
   County voters supported Annette Hillman as Circuit Court judge with 4,605 votes; Deena Goss as treasurer with 5,202 votes; Jean McCloskey as assessor with 4,803 votes.
   For the city of Madras, Melanie Widmer was re-elected mayor with 1,198 votes, and Tom Brown and Royce Embanks Jr., were re-elected to the City Council with 1,004 and 834 votes, respectively. None was opposed.
   Culver Mayor Shawna Clanton and councilors Amy McCully and Nancy Diaz were unopposed and received 247, 250 and 258 votes, respectively, and Andy Byrd was elected to the council with 250 votes.
   For Metolius, Councilor William Reynolds Jr. was elected mayor with 164 votes. No one filed for the three positions on the Metolius City Council.
   State measure results were as follows:
   . Measure 77, amends constituion to allow governor to declare disasters: No, 3,791 and yes, 3,714; passed statewide with 58 percent vote.
   . Measure 78, amends constitution to fix spelling and grammatical errors: passed locally 4,689 to 2,754, and statewide 71.9 percent.
   . Measure 79, amends constitution to prohibit real estate transfer taxes: yes, 5,265 to 2,348 no. Passed statewide.
   . Measure 80, legalizes personal marijuana: no, 4,924 to 2,963 yes. Failed in state.
   . Measure 81, bans gillnet fishing: no, 5,315 to 2,331 yes. Failed statewide.
   . Measure 82, amends constitution to allow private casinos: no, 5,321 to 2,495 yes. Failed statewide.
   . Measure 83, allows Wood Village casino: no 5,234 to 2,567 yes. Failed in state.
   . Measure 84, phases out inheritance tax: yes, 4,317 to 3,439 no. Failed in state with 53.8 percent.
   . Measure 85, allows corporate kicker to fund K-12 education: no, 3,949 to 3,697 yes. Passed with 58.9 percent statewide.
   For a more detailed look at the county results, visit the county's website at and click on the Nov. 6 election results.
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