>Guides management of transportation facilities
An updated Transportation System Plan to guide the city of Madras' management of its current and future transportation facilities for the next 20 years will take effect Dec. 13.
   "The purpose of the plan is to provide orderly and efficient infrastructure," explained Nick Snead, director of the Madras Community Development Department.
   Kittelson and Associates Inc., a transportation engineering firm, assisted the city in revising the TSP, which was approved by the Madras City Council Nov. 13, and was scheduled to take effect 30 days after it was signed.
   First adopted in 1998, the TSP had previously been amended in 2003, 2006, and earlier this year. The new version includes the amendments and restates the entire plan.
   Working with a group of representatives from the city, county, Oregon Department of Transportation, utility companies, and Housing Works, Kittelson and Associates:
   . Identified necessary bicycle and pedestrian improvements;
   . Developed a Safe Routes to Schools system map;
   . Identified updates to bicycle and pedestrian system inventory maps;
   . Identified possible funding options; and
   . Identified needed amendments to the TSP.
   "We incorporated that information into the existing TSP," said Snead. "We are the first city in the state to integrate our TSP with our Safe Routes to School Plan."
   The plan will serve as the basis for the city's road improvements, he added. "When properties are developed or redeveloped, it will provide the basis to identify needed improvements."
   With its inventories of the city's roads, trails, sidewalks, curb ramps and bike lanes, Snead said it affects everyone in the community. The additions to the plan also identify where multiuse paths, sidewalks, bike lanes and streetcrossing improvements are needed.
   The 253-page plan -- Ordinance No. 847 -- is available to view at the Madras City Hall.
   The $55,000 project, which has taken about two years, was funded by a federal planning funds from the Oregon Department of Transportation and Department of Land Conservation and Development.
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