>Mote now in Texas

   Not that I'm jealous -- OK, just a little -- but there's a handful of locals winning a bunch of money down in Vegas.
   Of course, they're having to stay on top of angry bucking horses for eight seconds to do so.
   On Monday, Culver cowboys Bobby Mote and Brian Bain finished second and third in the fifth go-round of the bareback competition at the National Finals Rodeo. For their efforts, they pocketed $14,429 and $10,895, respectively. Not a bad day's pay.
   It's pretty amazing that two of the top 15 bareback riders in the world have Culver, Oregon, after their names. For Mote, the four-time national champion, that distinction is now kind of a stretch. His Culver place has been on the market and his family is residing in Stephensville, Texas.
   That doesn't mean we can't still root for him and appreciate his accomplishment in the sport and that he put the town in a rodeo spotlight. I'd never met Mr. Mote personally, but I've never heard anything but great things about the champ from those who have.
   But Bain, that young man was raised in the area, graduated from Culver High, and still lives in south Jefferson County. He's the new Culver cowboy star. He has deep family roots, at least back to his grandpa, in cowboying and the sport of rodeo in Jefferson County.
   Last year, Bain earned his first trip to the NFR, and was one of the surprises of the rodeo early on, earning checks in three of the first four go-rounds. But then he proved what a tough sport rodeo is -- he got a concussion in the sixth go-round, and then separated his shoulder in the seventh. He had to sit out the final three go-rounds, but still finished the year ninth in the world bareback standings and won over $108,000. (Mote was third in the world last year, with $180,672 in prize money.)
   Monday's ride in the fifth go-round was Bain's best of this year's event, so far. No doubt his family, the town of Culver, and the entire Jefferson County community, is damned proud of him.
   Ride on, guys.
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