h snow season fast approaching, the city of Madras reminds area residents of the city's snow removal policy.
   Certain streets have been designated as primary and secondary snow routes for plowing on days when snow has reached a depth of 6 inches and is not expected to melt.
   People parking on those streets will need to remove their cars so that city crews can operate the snow plows.
   First priority will be the primary routes, which include the following streets:
   . B Street from Northeast First to Southeast City View;
   . 12th Street from B to Northeast Oak;
   . Northeast A Street from Northeast 12th to Northeast 16th Street;
   . Northeast Oak Street from Northeast 16th to Northeast Sixth Street;
   . Southeast Buff Street from the school bus barn to Southeast Fifth Street;
   . Southeast Seventh and 10th streets from Southeast Buff to B Street;
   . Northeast Seventh Street from B to Northeast Oak Street;
   . Southeast Sixth Street from Northeast E to B Street;
   . Southeast D Street from Fifth to Southeast 10th Street;
   . Southwest Second from Southwest B to Southwest J Street;
   . Southwest J Street from the Culver Highway to Southeast City View;
   . Southeast City View from Southeast J to Northeast B Street;
   . Northeast Kemper Way to the middle school and aquatic center entrances;
   . Northeast 16th Street from Northeast Oak to Northeast B Street;
   . B Street/Ashwood Road between City View and Bean Drive.
   Secondary snow routes are plowed next, including the following streets:
   . Northeast 10th Street from Northeast Cedar to Northeast Oak Street;
   . Northeast Henry Street from Northeast 10th to Northeast Seventh Street;
   . Northeast Seventh Street from Northeast Henry to Northeast Oak Street;
   . Northeast Sixth Street from Northeast B to Northeast Pine Street;
   . Southeast C Street from Grizzly Road to Northeast Fifth Street;
   . Southwest C Street from Southwest First to Southwest Fifth Street;
   . Southwest Third Street from Southwest B to Southwest E Street;
   . Southwest G Street from the Culver Highway to Southwest Fourth Street;
   . Southwest Madison Street from Southwest J to Southwest M Streets;
   . Southwest Bard Lane from Highway 97 to Southwest Adams Drive;
   . Southeast Eighth Street from Southeast Buff to Southeast H Street;
   . Southeast Turner Street from Southeast H to Southeast J Street;
   . McTaggart Road between Buff Street and J Street.
   Parking is prohibited along primary and secondary snow removal routes during the occasion of significant snowfall. Vehicles parked on these routes may be towed at the owner's expense.
   For more information, call the Madras City Hall at 541-475-2344.
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