>   At a time when we are all reeling from most distressing and disheartening occurrences around the country, it is hard to focus on local as well as personal issues. But life needs to go on. "We must live in defiance of all that is bad around us."
   Certainly, as the hospital issue approaches resolution and we move forward, some of us need to acquire a new mindset.
   Some have discussed the possibility of not using the local hospital because of the manner in which my personal issue was dealt with as well as the nature of the transaction of relinquishing our facility. I seriously doubt that any reconsideration will occur.
   I love the Mountain View Hospital facility. It has pretty much been a second home for me. The personnel were family to me. The staff in the kitchen, housekeeping, and even the nurses, when they could find me, were very nice to me. I was always most proud of the personal care that was delivered by the doctors, nurses, and the supportive staff.
   The actions of a few individuals do not change the nature of the quality people in the front lines and how they carry out their respective responsibilities. They are the people who will take care of your every health-related need. To go elsewhere for care won't affect St. Charles' bottom line and may impact Mountain View's ability to move forward and maintain quality services locally as well as employment for our local personnel.
   I do appreciate and value loyalty and have been very appreciative and touched by those that have been supportive of me. As I told my wife, Beth Ann, these are comments that, with a few embellishments, are said at your funeral and I got to receive them prematurely.
   As we move forward, humaneness needs to be a primary consideration. For those involved in the health field, particularly, humaneness needs to be demonstrated in all areas of the system, administratively as well as those delivering the care. It is not a compartmentalized way to approach life.
   To find providers to work in the rural health system is a challenge these days. CEO's and hospital board of directors have fiduciary responsibilities to ensure the success and survival of their facility. This involves recognizing as well as supporting the efforts of those providers who are willing to dedicate their careers to serving their rural hospital. Fairness and justice go hand in hand.
   I may be doing some community service in the days ahead. If you see me picking up litter, please feel free to drop by to say hello and obtain some free medical advice.
   Bud Beamer
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