Glennis Fellas, president

   Humane Society
   of Jefferson County
   The Humane Society of Jefferson County will be closing down as of Dec. 31. Without financial help from the city or the county, we are unable to continue operating solely on limited private donations.
   Lack of any volunteers is another contributing factor as the five board members are all seniors with health issues.
   We greatly appreciate the people who have supported us throughout the years, and their donations last year enabled our veterinarians to spay/neuter and vaccinate 136 cats at a reduced rate for us.
   We sincerely hope another group will step forward to consider the plight of homeless cats in the county.
   On a positive note, we have received a small bequest from animal-lover Donna Witt who passed away last year. The Donna Witt Fund will be available to low-income folks for spaying, neutering, and vaccinating their cats.
   Qualification of need will be at the discretion of any of the three county veterinarian facilities, Madras Animal Hospital, Cascade East Veterinary Clinic, and Dr. Hally's Veterinary Service, who will perform the procedures until such time as the funds are gone.
   Anyone wishing to continue donations for this program can give directly to their veterinarian, although we will be unable to provide a 501(c)3 exemption.
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