When I announced that I was running for mayor in April of 2008, I said it was because I sincerely felt that it was time to reopen City Hall to the community, wisely manage taxpayer dollars and repair relationships with citizens and businesses. Fast forward three years later, and I remain steadfastly committed to those priorities.

The proposed Beaverton Urban Renewal Plan is an absolute reflection of my stated values, and frankly, I would not allow offering anything less to the citizens of Beaverton as your mayor.

This plan really began as a result of the Beaverton Community Vision effort. The City Council and I listened to countless briefings where 6,500 ideas were presented and prioritized, the results of which largely pointed toward a focus on creating a vibrant Beaverton downtown.

For the past three years, this plan was built, shaped, formed and, ultimately, unanimously supported through an involved citizen participation process. Staff counts more than 105 public involvement meetings on this topic alone since April 2010!

I put my name on this because I helped build it from the ground up, insisting that it be a collaborative process. That meant deeply involving our school, fire and park districts, their key staff, elected officials and respective chief financial officers.

At the end of the day, I am very proud to report to you that each board has unanimously endorsed this plan. Additionally, your Washington County commissioners and Beaverton city councilors have also unanimously supported this plan. Numerous business leaders are supporting this measure because they also agree it will bring more jobs to Beaverton.

During my first two years as mayor, I recommended no increase in the city's property tax rate, and this year balanced the city budget with an actual reduction to the Beaverton tax rate.

Measure 34-192 is in keeping with my conservative use of public dollars as this is not a tax increase.

As a main goal of my agenda to listen to the citizens and the community and keep working to improve Beaverton, I offer for your consideration a collaboratively built Beaverton Urban Renewal Plan. Frankly, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Please join me in building a better Beaverton, creating jobs and revitalizing our treasured downtown by voting 'yes' on Nov. 8 for Measure 34-192, Beaverton's citizen-built urban renewal plan.

Beaverton Mayor Dennis Doyle lives in the Sexton Mountain neighborhood.

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