by: Jim Clark Davis Landolt, center, will celebrate his 11th birthday on 11-11-11 (Nov. 11, 2011). Behind him are his family members, from left, Coleman, 8, Tony, Audrey and Micah, 4.

Every birthday is a big deal when you're a kid.

But for Davis Landolt of Gresham, this Friday will be particularly memorable.

Davis turns 11 on 11-11-11.

Cool, huh?

'We're not superstitious or into the whole numbers thing, but it is curious and we wanted to have fun with it,' says his dad, Tony Landolt.

His dad, mom, Audrey, and brothers Coleman, 8, and Micah, 4, are pulling out all the stops for the numerical occasion. Neighbors surrounding the Landolt home in Hunter's Highland are in on the fun for an 11-themed scavenger hunt. The list has 11 items and starts small with, say, 11 toothpicks or Q-tips, before moving on to bigger and better things. 'So the neighborhood will be busy,' Tony says.

'Some of it's kind of on the fly,' dad says of the celebration. 'We haven't nailed it all down. But the fun will be had.'

'And he doesn't know this ….' Tony adds, before mentioning that Davis will be going to a concert at the Rose Garden Arena, too.

'Is it the Newsboys?' Davis asks.



The family has always enjoyed celebrating Davis' birthday: Because it's on Veterans Day, Davis always has the day off from school, more specifically Pleasant Valley Elementary School where he's in the fifth grade.

Last year, the family celebrated by diving into foam pits and bouncing on trampolines at Sky High Sports in Tigard.

So what does Davis think of his unique 11th birthday?

'It's cool because it's all elevens,' he says. 'And it's probably going to be the biggest party in my whole life.'

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