Protest liaisons say mayor broke off communication before park evictions

Occupy Portland protesters are unhappy with the handling of Sunday's eviction and wants an apology from Mayor Sam Adams.

During a Tuesday morning press conference, a team of liaisons who had worked with the city during the nearly six-week encampment in Chapman and Lownsdale squares announced they were quitting because they were cut out of the loop before police evicted the campers.

"It seems when City Hall wants something from us, you make every effort to reach out, but when you plan to do something to us, communication is halted and you let the police do the talking with their batons," said Adriane Ackerman, in a prepared statement in front of City Hall.

The press conference outside City Hall came one day after Adams called the weekend eviction of the camps "amazingly peaceful." Police made 51 arrests while clearing the camps.

Protesters were given three days notice to leave before officers moved in. Ackerman acknowledge the majority of events leading up to early Sunday were peaceful, but said they view the show of force during the clearing of Chapman Square as "violent acts" toward peaceful protesters.

Ackerman said Occupy iprotesters are asking for an apology from Adams, and that once that apology is made, the Occupiers will resume having a team dedicated to working with city officials.

Occupy protesters staged another march Tuesday, roaming from Pioneer Courthouse Square to City Hall. Police are monitoring parks and other public spaces and will enforce anti-camping and park closure ordinances, said Sgt. Pete Simpson.

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