Is the Occupy Wall Street mob the face of the Democrat Party for 2012?

Shouting - What do we want - We don't know. When do we want it - now.

Well, it appears that the President, former speaker of the House and current leader of the Senate endorse these groups. And, it appears that more radical left wing groups not only encourage the dissent, but are also funding the movement. One can only wonder if they also endorse the tactics? Civil disobedience, crime, and property destruction. It cannot be argued that this administration is terribly divisive as it continues to ferment 'Class Warfare.' It was predicted that civil unrest would be the outgrowth of the confusing rhetoric and policies spewing forth from D.C. 'Hope and Change' has turned to despair and status quo. Yes we can -yes we did - oh, no what happened?

This crowd is directionally challenged. They should be picketing the homes of Congressman Frank or Senator Dodd. Or those of former Wall Street banksters Dick Fuld, Lehman Brothers or (former Merrill Lynch chairman and CEO) Stanley O'Neal. Better yet, how about all those former congressional staffers who took up lodging at bankrupt Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac?

Liberal backed Keynesian economic theory has yet again proved to be an unmitigated disaster - sorry N.Y. Times' Paul Krugman and all those well meaning, but very wrong-headed academicians who devised the president's fiscal policy. Real world experience does count for something after all. We need to return to capitalisn in its pure form (A is A) and not the crony capitalism now practiced by both parties. What did Einstein say about the definition of insanity? The results are in and it isn't pretty. Welcome to the 'new' normal in America.

Now before all you committed radical leftists out there decide to again crucify the messenger, please remember to debate the issues and not merely condemn the messenger. A few weeks ago, a self-described 'Annoying Progressive' displayed a phenomenal exhibit … when the topic was the 'poor in America' and the writing style railed on about everything from cartoon characters to jailing former elected officials (one supposes he was also referring to impeached and disbarred former President Clinton). Not satisfied, he individually named every citizen with whom he disagreed - their Red Badge of Courage. We now know your entire political views because you announced it to the world. Calling yourself a 'progressive' gives true progressives a bad name. Most progressives I know are relevant and insightful. You might want to change your moniker to bitter radical left wing political bomb thrower.

In closing, all citizens who desire ever greater welfare programs or as some of us know it as 'charity' and sans 'a right,' open your wallets and write the big contribution check to your government. Don't wait for taxes to be raised again, do your part now.

Noel R. Wolfe is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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