TriMet officials said Monday that the driver of the MAX train that crashed in mid-October at the Expo Center station has been disciplined.

Mary Fetsch, TriMet spokeswoman, did not elaborate on the kind of action taken against the driver. She said, however, that the 'appropriate discipline has been issued.'

She also said the Amalgamated Transit Union representing the driver had 'filed a grievance relating to the discipline.' The driver has been employed by TriMet since August 2003.

The MAX train overshot the Expo Center station platform on Oct. 13 and slammed into the bumping post at the end of the line. The collision crushed the bumping post and was caught on video at the station.

Two people on the MAX train were not injured in the incident.

A TriMet investigation found that the 'operator was not in control of the train. The operator was at fault in failing to stop the train and colliding with the bumping post.'

The employee's name was not released.

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