Community Soapbox by Janine Offutt

Like others, I voted for Jim because he opposed the building of a 'destination' shopping center on the unstable and leaching Rossman landfill. He has the courage and the conviction to stand up with neighbors and local citizenry who want to see the livability and historic nature of Oregon City enhanced and preserved. Folks who don't want out-of-state corporations building big box super-sized shopping malls here.

Remember how quickly our homegrown businesses, like Oregon City Plumbing and Kreuger's Lumber, folded when Home Depot came to town? What would become of Fisherman's Marine if Cabela's were built close by?

Plenty of other local small business owners are understandably concerned about urban renewal dollars going to subsidize their competition.

This recall effort is petty, and it's brought to us by some of the folks who would stand to profit the most from building a swank new 'lifestyle center.' Recall elections should be used for criminal dealings, not as a way to shape our community.

We've got serious issues to deal with. Economies around the globe are faltering. Climate change is making its impact. Worldwide seven billion people are vying for limited resources. We're not gonna shop our way out of these problems.

Jim Nicita understands that we need to rethink how we live on this beautiful planet.

He understands that our current profit-based, continual growth business model is, quite literally, unsustainable.

We all can do our part to turn things around. I'm glad we have leaders like Jim Nicita helping us out. I hope you'll join me in voting to retain our dedicated city commissioner.

Janine Offutt is a resident of Oregon City.

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