by: JEFF MCDONALD - New Mayor Bill Graupp takes the oath of office at a special City Council meeting last week in Aurora. After a brief discussion, Aurora’s city council selected its next mayor Thursday. Bill Graupp took the oath of office, replacing Gregory M. Taylor, who resigned after an Aug. 18 DUII arrest.

Before he took office, Graupp spoke briefly in support of his predecessor.

“I want to acknowledge Greg and the Taylor family for all the efforts they have put into the city,” he said. “I’m game for filling in.”

Graupp pointed out that Taylor has had a rough year, with his mother, Vergie Taylor, who also served on the city council and planning commission, having passed away recently.

The city council also appointed Jason Sahlin as council president to fill the role vacated by Graupp.

“It was a shock for us,” Graupp said after the meeting of Taylor’s resignation. “He did it out of honor to the city. He did not want to put the city through his personal issues.”

Next steps for the council include filling a vacancy created by Taylor’s resignation. Graupp will serve the remainder of Taylor’s term, which expires Jan. 2015.

Any registered voters who has been an Aurora resident for at least six months and is a registered voter may apply for the open position, the mayor said. The council will interview candidates at the next city council meeting Sept. 10.

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