by: PHIL HAWKINS - Kennedy High School and its cross country team were represented at the Portland to Coast race in August. From left, John Savage, Lauren Stokley, Brent Lang, Cheyla Moranchel and Noe Jines were five members of a 12-person team.The Portland to Coast race sits in the shadow of its more well-known Hood to Coast sibling, but the 132-mile long relay is nothing to scoff at.

Portland to Coast attracted 4,000 participants and 400 teams this year, including five individuals from Kennedy High School’s cross country team.

The Trojans’ John?Savage, Lauren Stokley,?Brent Lang,?Cheyla Moranchel and Noe Jines joined a team of seven runners from Silverton to take part in the annual relay this past August.

Although the race is daunting, the athletes from Kennedy had little problem working the training regimen into their typical summer workouts as they prepared for the fall cross country season.

“Back then it was about three days a week, an hour and a half a day,” said Lang.

“We kind of just went and did it,” said Stokley. “It was an experience.”

The team started at 6 p.m. on Aug. 22 and finished 11 a.m. the next day.

“We all got a night leg and we all got a day leg,” said Stokley.

“It was terrifying and fun,” said Lang.

Stokley was the team’s veteran, having already run the race.

“I did it my freshman year with a whole bunch of older kids from Silverton and Mount Angel,” she said. “(Coach) Ritchie asked us this year if we wanted to get a team, and it was kind of a last-minute thing.”

Given another chance to compete, the five Kennedy athletes all said they would enjoy the chance to race the larger Hood to Coast race.

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