On Tuesday, Nov. 29, 1 I read the following as my testimony to Lake Oswego's City Council during the public hearing process:

'Mayor Hoffman and city councilors:

'Like many others tonight I am here to testify in opposition to the streetcar and Foothills development. Like so many others who are here to testify plus those who have emailed you, I hope you are truly listening and haven't already made up your minds as to what you think is best - regardless of what the citizens say or want.

'The streetcar is not the best option for future commuting. We already have the best option - buses. Look at how Vancouver, Wash., has its C-Tran system with its alternative fuel use. There is absolutely no reason why we shouldn't have a bus system like that.

'As I said - I am sitting before you once again testifying against the streetcar and the Foothills development and I am furious - no I am actually beyond furious - I am outraged at your condescending behavior thinking we 'just don't know what's best for us.' How many times do we have to say no?

'Mayor Hoffman - you said, 'we don't make decisions based on surveys.'

'Oh really? I suspect that if the survey had been the other way around you would have declared the survey a success and would have plunged on down that slippery slope toward financial disaster. And what's the deal about the vote in May just being an 'advisory vote.' Does this mean you, Donna, Sally and Bill will continue to push this streetcar fiasco down our throats? We are done discussing the streetcar and the Foothills development. If you want it - you pay for it or let private money build it. Stop using our money to study and survey something that is inappropriate, environmentally damaging and not wanted by the majority of citizens in this city.

'This city has many needs such as maintaining our fire and police departments, having well-repaired streets, great schools, our wonderful library and lets not forget our parks that have not been maintained and are a regional disgrace.

'In closing - I'd like to ask this council what will happen when no one rides the streetcar because it isn't convenient? It cannot be moved and will be a constant visible reminder to you and everyone else of this city council's reprehensible financial decision - we already have the White Elephant Building - do we really need another financial fiasco?

'Do we want to look like Portland with it's South Waterfront or what we call the 'So what' development at Foothills? I sure don't.'

Kathe Worsley is a Lake Oswego resident.

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