The Bowmen sports squads enjoy plenty of support from the fans
by: DAN BROOD LOUD AND PROUD — A large group of Sherwood High School students cheer on the Bowmen prior to the start of Saturday’s Class 5A state championship footballe game played at Hillsboro Stadium.

HILLSBORO - At the Class 5A state volleyball tournament, Alec Blomquist was there.

At the Class 5A girls soccer state championship match, Blomquist was there.

And, of course, at this Saturday's Class 5A state football championship game held at Hillsboro Stadium, Blomquist was there - complete with his usual Sherwood blanket while also adorning a Darth Vader mask.

And Blomquist, a Sherwood High School senior, was joined my many, many of his Sherwood classmates, in loudly cheering on the Bowmen.

'I am the Super Fan,' Blomquist said with enthusiasm in his voice. 'I just love all of the sporting events and cheering on the teams.'

And he doesn't seem to be alone.

The Sherwood student section at sporting events always seems to be overflowing with exuberant Bowmen fans.

'This what we live for,' Sherwood senior Isaac Marshall said.

'We love the success,' Sherwood junior Grant McLaughlin said.

And there's certainly been plenty of success the past couple of years at Sherwood.

In the 2010-2011 school year, Bowmen fans got to cheer on Sherwood teams to Class 5A state championships in volleyball, football and baseball.

Earlier this fall, the Bowmen faithful got to see the Sherwood High School girls soccer team claim a state crown.

That all had the Sherwood fans revved up a feverish pace for Saturday's Class 5A state championship football game between the Bowmen and Mountain View of Bend.

'This is so intense,' Blomquist said prior to the game. 'We tasted it last year. Now, we really want it for our own.'

Unfortunately for the Sherwood fans and the Bowmen squad, Mountain View came away with a 14-13 victory in Saturday's state championship contest.

But that didn't seem to damper the Sherwood fans' boisterous enthusiasm shown before, and throughout, the game.

'We keep it real and fresh in Sherwood,' said Bowmen senior Megan Rollison, who was wearing a Robin Hood-themed outfit during Saturday's state championship contest. 'We have some different themes going tonight. We have Star Wars and there's Santa Clause. We all have a lot of spirit and support for the school.'

But, it involves more than just Sherwood High School.

'It's about the whole community,' Blomquist said. 'It's not just the school.'

And, with that, Blomquist again put on his Darth Vader mask and began cheering on the Bowmen again.

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