The glass base of my 32-inch Samsung LED TV (UN32D5500) exploded, sending hundreds of pieces of varying sizes of glass flying about the room. It also blew a paperback book and the remote control that were next to the TV base several feet into the room.

The explosion occurred in the early morning hours of Dec. 4. The TV was not on and had not been used for several hours. I was asleep in the bed that faces the TV. My head was only 9½ feet from the explosion, which sent glass shards as far as 11 feet to the right of me. I heard the explosion in the night but in my sleepy state I thought it was a huge gust of wind that had caused a branch to hit the house and had made the shutters bang. In the morning, I was shocked to find the base of the TV shattered with chunks and slivery shards of glass all over.

Luckily, I was lying down; I was not sitting up facing the TV as I do when I am watching the TV. I could have been blinded or worse. As it is, I am quite shaken and more than a little nervous about sitting close to TVs. I am also concerned that I will never get all the minute slivers of glass out of my carpeting.

I called the store where I had purchased the TV just the week before. I only got a recording so I went to the Internet to see if this had ever happened before. I was astonished to see other reviews of the exact same thing occurring! There was even a video posted that looked precisely like the aftermath of the explosion that I had experienced. ( ).

I have since talked with Fry's where I bought the product. This local store told me that they were unaware that such events were happening. When they looked on the Internet and saw other examples for themselves, Fry's promised to contact Samsung. Fry's said they would seriously consider taking the product off the shelves in their stores.

I contacted Samsung next. They said that my only recourse was to send in the TV under warranty. Samsung would then repair the base and send it back. The replacement base would be the same material as the exploded one because that is the base that comes with that particular TV. Evidently this is the only response others in the same predicament have had from Samsung as well.

I said that that was not acceptable. I stressed that the base was extremely unstable and was going to result in dire consequences if not changed. I stated that they should not continue to sell such a defective product to the public.

Understand that I am a great fan of Samsung. One might even say that I am a Samsung addict. I own several of its products. I love this TV. It is perfect for my situation. My only issue is with the base that seems to have an extremely serious defect. I am truly concerned that someone is going to be horribly hurt by one of these explosions.

I am outraged that these products are still being sold to consumers as they are inherently dangerous. It is only a matter of time before someone suffers an irreparable injury. It is unconscionable for a large corporation to ignore these complaints and to continue to put consumers at peril.

Linda Graybeal is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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