Jonathan Toubin was pinned in Jupiter Hotel room by taxi

Efforts are under way to raise funds to help Jonathan Toubin, a New York DJ hurt in a bizarre accident at the Jupiter Hotel on Thursday morning.

Toubin was sleeping in a room on the ground floor of the hotel on Southeast Burnside when a taxicab crashed through the wall and landed on top of him. Hotel workers and police arriving on the scene lifted the car off Toubin, who was rushed to the Oregon Health and Science University.

Police have not released Toubin's condition at the request of his family, but several news outlets report it is critical.

Toubin was in Portland to perform at a Friday night show. According to a Facebook page dedicated to his recovery, donations are being accepted through a Paypal account. Payments can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A number of benefits to raise funds for his recovery have reportedly also been held or are planned in New York, where Toubin was a well-known member of the music scene.

Police say Terry Uding, the 52-year-old taxicab driver, was waiting in the parking lot when she apparently suffered a medical issue that caused her to press the accelerator, sending the car all the way into the room. She has not been charged with any crime or issued any citation.

Portland police Officer Stuart Palmiter was one of the first to arrive on the scene. He and hotel employees lift the rear of the taxicab, a Scion XB, off Toubin so medical personnel could treat him.

"It was kind of amazing. Everybody knew what had to be done and we took care of it," says Palmiter, who called the hotel employees the heroes in the incident.

"You don't know the time frame that it happens in, you don't realize that you're lifting 4,000 pound car," says assistant hotel manager Zack Miller. "You just do it and the strength is there."

Fox 12 contributed to this news story.

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