UPDATE • Port says not all operations affected by picket lines

Hundreds of Occupy Portland protesters blocked entrances to the Port of Portland's Terminal 5 and Terminal 6 early Monday morning, effectively stopping trucks and others from entering the docks.

The protest was part of the Occupy Wall Street's 'Wall Street on the Waterfront' action to block all West Coast ports. Although some labor unions objected to the protests, picketers set up lines outside entrances to the two terminals beginning at about 6 Monday morning.

Occupy Portland spokeswoman Kari Koch said Monday's protest outside Terminal 5 targeted the Stevedore Services of America, which provides services to that and other Port of Portland terminals. Wall Street investment house Goldman Sachs owns a majority share in the company, Koch said.

'By shutting down work at the ports this is one more day that Goldman Sachs and Wall Street firms are unable to create profit,' she said.

Port spokesman Josh Thomas said the organization's other operation were not affected by the protest, however. They include two other terminals and the airports in Portland, Hillsboro and Troutdale.

A major union representing many of the workers at the terminals opposed the protest. It is the International Longshoreman and Warehouse Union Local 8. The International Union of Operating Engineers Local 701 in Gladstone also came out against the protest, saying it makes more since to occupy the Blue Heron paper mill in Oregon City that recently closed because of foreign competition.

Portland police arrested two men early Monday morning near Kelley Point Park who were armed with a handgun and wore camouflage. The men told police they were with the Occupy Portland movement, but protest leaders said they men weren't affiliated with the group.

Similar pickets were set up at nearly three dozen ports across the county, including in Oakland, Eugene, Seattle, Vancouver, British Columbia, Anchorage and Longview. Protesters also were expected to block ports in Honolulu and Japan.

Fox 12 contributed to this news report.

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