St. Helens opens season with a stunning win over Sandy
by: John Brewington HEADED FOR HOME—St. Helens’ Will Lawrence leads the pack in the 50 free during last Thursday’s meet with Sandy. Lawrence and the Lions want a district title this season.

St. Helens swimmer Will Lawrence pumped his fist and gave a big 'yeah' after swimming the anchor leg of the opening 200 relay. It set a tone for Thursday's meet and perhaps for one of the best seasons the boys could ever have.

The boys kicked off the season with a convincing win over Sandy last Thursday.

'The boys are pretty solid,' sixth-year coach Bill Rash said. 'Sandy beat us last year, but they only lost one good swimmer. We went 1-2-3 in four events, won all the relays and went 1-2 in one of them. I felt a little bad we beat them so badly.'

The 50 swimmers out this year may be the biggest team Rash has had. It's split fairly evenly between boys and girls with unusually a couple more boys than girls. The girls are mostly freshmen and sophomores, while the boys are spread across four classes.

One big boost for the boys and girls are the addition of freshman brother and sister Jonathan and Jackie Prevish. The are part of triplets, but the other sister doesn't swim.

Jonathan won the 100 fly, took second in the 200 individual medley, was on the first-place 200 medley relay team, and on the second-place 400 free relay team. Jackie won the 50 free and 100 breaststroke, plus swam on two relay teams.

Andrew Collson and Lawrence are two of the most experienced swimmers that will help the Lions this year.

Lawrence, a senior, was on two winning relay teams, plus won the gut-busting, back-to-back 50 free and 500 free. Collson was on two winning relay teams, took first in the 100 free, and second in the 200 free.

'I don't see how the boys can't get first or second,' Rash said. 'Sherwood is unbeatable and the Sandy girls are untouchable for us. The girls should finish in the middle of the pack.'

The local boys won all three relay events, including first and second in the 200 free relay, plus swept four other events. The St. Helens girls won just two events but swam well in a loss.

The Lions swept the 50, fly, 100, and 500 in the meet. They were 1-2 in the freestyle relay.

The St. Helens squads host Rex Putnam this Thursday, then are off from competition for the holidays. They travel to Parkrose on Jan. 5.



Sandy 113, St. Helens 62

200 Medley Relay-2) St. Helens A (Jojo Parkhurst, Brook Hopkins, Ashley Stewart, Jackie Prevish), 2:16.38; St. Helens B (Michaela Munger, Tresa Stone, Jackie Widdifield, Rachel Edwards), 2:33.10. 200 Freestyle-2) Emily Spears, 2:24.04; 3) Tori Edwards, 2:24.97; 6) Lexi Normine, 2:59.85. 200 Individual Medley-2) Hopkins, 2:42.10; 4) Parkhurst, 2:50.64. 50 Frees-1) Prevish, :28.35; 5) Michaella Ziegler, :33.20; 6) R. Edwards, :34.19. 100 Butterfly-2) Stewart, 1:13.98. 100 Free-2) Spears, 1:05.04; 3) Widdifield, 1:10.45; 6) Ziegler, 1:14.87. 500 Free-2) T. Edwards, 6:41.18; 5) R. Edwards, 8:04.80; 6) Normine, 8:24.14.

200 Free Relay-2) St. Helens A (Parkhurst, Widdifield, T. Edwards, Spears), 2:02.30; 4) St. Helens B (Stewart, R. Edwards, Munger, Ziegler), 2:19.45; St. Helens C (Stone, Bridget Strang, Normine, Kylie Stroda), 2:28.35. 100 Backstroke-3) Hopkins, 1:15.50; 5) Stewart, 1:11.23; 6) Parkhurst, 1:22.72. 100 Breaststroke-1) Prevish, 1:19.83; 3) Widdifield, 1:27.78; 5) Stone, 1:33.83. 400 Free Relay-2) St. Helens A (Prevish, Hopkins, T. Edwards, Spears), 4:28.28; 4) St. Helens B (Normine, Stroda, Rachel Fuson, Munger), 5:49.12.


St. Helens 128, Sandy 49

200 Medley Relay-1) St. Helens A (Austin Sandford, Luke Haresnape, Jonathan Prevish, Will Lawrence), 1:55.14; 3) St. Helens B (Jake Widmer, Jacob Zartman, Jared Houghtelling, Alex Lull), 2:05.79; 4) St. Helens C (Kienan Rae, David Sumsion, Tyger Dolyniuk, Karl Reineger), 2:10.76. 200 Free-2) Andrew Collson, 2:02.55; 3) Devon Brady, 2:17.15; 4) Houghtelling, 2:21.95. 200 IM-2) Prevish, 2:35.65; 3) Sandford, 2:39.90; 4) Sumsion, 2:52.39. 50 Free-1) Lawrence, 2) Tyler Moss, :25.67; 3) Lull, :27.81. 100 Fly-1) Prevish, 1:08.61; 2) Dolyniuk, 1:17.50; 3) Widmer, 2:29.69. 100 Free-1) Collson, :55.64; 2) Brady, :58.40; 3) Moss, 1:00.37. 500 Free-1) Lawrence, 6:24.60; 2) Houghtelling, 6:33.45; 3) Rae, 6:46.57.

200 Free Relay-1) St. Helens A (Collson, Moss, Lull, Brady), 1:45.29; 2) St. Helens B (Prevish, Reineger, Haresnape, Zartman), 1:57.55; 4) St. Helens C (Colin Chiddick, Blake Mullinex, Nathan Reed, Jesse Wright), 2:09.17. 100 Back-2) Sandford, 1:09.26; 3) Widmer, 1:15.86; 4) Rae, 1:22.73. 100 Breast-2) Haresnape, 1:14.45; 3) Zartman, 1:15.86; 4) Sumsion, 1:22.02. 400 Free Relay-1) St. Helens A (Brady, Moss, Lawrence, Collson), 4:03.10; 3) St. Helens B (Houghtelling, Lull, Reineger, Rae), 4:26.96; 4) St. Helens C (Sandford, Widmer, Dolyniuk, Chiddick), 4:34.11.

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