Green Power Community Challenge is sponsored by EPA

Oregon cities are dominating a national competition for community use of green power.

Hillsboro - likely aided by the purchases of a certain chip manufacturer there - is nipping at the heels of Washington D.C. for the most green power used within any city in the nation. Portland is a close third in the national contest, right behind Hillsboro. Ten of the 32 cities in the competition are in Oregon.

The Green Power Community Challenge is sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency. The competition ends next September.

Corvallis is ranked No. 5 for total purchases of green power, a notch below Santa Clara, Calif.

Gresham is ranked No. 6 and Beaverton is No. 8 - just ahead of Palo Alto, Calif., another tech center.

Salem is ranked No. 11, Bend No. 12 and Lake Oswego is No. 13, followed by Hood River at No. 21 and Cannon Beach at No. 27.

The contest also ranks cities by the percent of total electricity purchases that come from green power, generally solar and wind energy.

Hillsboro again comes out second in the nation, with 35.7 percent of its electricity coming from green power. Tops in the nation is Brookeville, Md., at 45.7 percent.

Other Oregon cities, by ranking and percent of electricity from green power:

•Corvallis, No. 4, 21.2 percent

•Gresham, No. 7, 11.5 percent

•Lake Oswego, No. 9, 9.4 percent

•Portland, No. 10, 9.3 percent

•Bend, tied for No. 13, 7.7 percent

•Hood River, No. 16, 6.3 percent

•Cannon Beach, No. 17, 6.1 percent

•Beaverton, No. 24, 4.5 percent

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