The Lake Oswego City Council has approved a new policy allowing sponsorships in some city parks.

'We have never allowed sponsorship signage in our parks,' parks director Kim Gilmer told the city council. 'This will be the first time we have done it.'

The change will allow the company Poo Free Parks to supply dog-waste bags to the city for free. In exchange, the city will let Poo Free Parks run advertisements on the dispenser stations and bags. In addition, the company can offer handouts at the Hazelia Field dog parks twice each year.

As a result, the city will save not only about $30,000 usually spent on dog-waste bags and dispensers at 53 park and trail stations, but also about 2,500 hours of staff time used to service those stations and dump trash, Gilmer said. Poo Free Parks voluntarily agreed to some limits on advertising, she added.

Councilor Jeff Gudman said he supported the idea during last year's budgeting sessions. 'I'm delighted it's going forward,' he said.

Councilor Bill Tierney was the only councilor to vote against the proposal.

He said his no vote was 'based upon the slippery slope' of allowing any advertising in Lake Oswego's parks - not about the poo bag discussion on its own. 'It's an area of concern,' Tierney said.

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