Please don't take away my 'Merry Christmas'

I keep hearing about freedom of speech regarding Christmas and decorations, and that some people want to stop nativity scenes, trees, school choirs singing Christmas songs, schools not being able to have Christmas in the schools or in government offices.

What about those who like these things? Some of us want to see these decorations and to hear those songs and to be greeted with a 'merry Christmas.'

The United States has people of many religions, each with their own way of celebrating. And the U.S. has had these things in schools, on the streets and in government offices since the country's beginning. Why should these be taken away from the population because a group makes a stink?

I am not a religious person, but have always loved to see and hear the Christmas spirit, when people have kindness and give to each other and to those who are less fortunate.

If you do not like Christmas or the spirit of Christmas, don't take it out on those of us who do love the season. We will respect your views, but please don't take away ours. Respect goes both ways.

Merry Christmas.

Amie Griggs


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