by: David F. Ashton Witnesses say the speeding red car spun around after shearing off the utility pole on S.E. 52nd, while knocking over trash and recycling roll-carts – leaving the area strewn with refuse.

A single-car wreck in the 7500 block of S.E. 52nd Avenue, on November 14, at a little after 10 pm, could have had tragic results. Perhaps that was what was intended.

But, the driver survived the impact that sheared a large wooden utility pole off at its base - the crash splintered the pole about 15 feet up, where cable-TV lines were attached.

'I heard a car's engine speed up, like the driver stepped on the gas,' said Shauna Middleton, who was walking out of a mini-mart nearby. 'I looked over and saw this little red car just barreling [south] down the street, and looking like it was going to run into the Laundromat. Instead, the car cut right through the pole and spun around.'

Officers on-scene said this wreck most likely wasn't an accident; information that they turned up leads them to believe the driver intentionally drove off the road and into the pole, seeking to harm herself. The female driver was transported to a local hospital, where her condition is unknown.

Surprisingly, the smash-up didn't disrupt power in the area - even though the broken pole carried a 12,000 volt electrical distribution line at its top.

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