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I'm sure you've heard of at least a couple school shootings. Columbine, for example.

Well imagine if one kid had a knife with him or her, and could have fought back. If one person in the library of Columbine High School that day had been able to do something, imagine all the lives that could have been saved.

According to our school policy, we are prohibited from 'bringing, possessing, concealing or using a weapon to or on school property,' and I think it's wrong.

It just doesn't make sense for the school to keep us from everyday items like pocket knives. Sophomore Sam Margheim agrees. 'Yeah, I think it's a good idea, if the school would let us.' And other kids at SHS, including myself, agree.

Things like pocket knives are taken too seriously. A majority of the guys I know admit to carrying pocket knives with them. It's not a big deal.

I've heard about kids who have forgotten their hunting knives in their backpack, they didn't even think about it as danger issue.

There's been a few school shootings in Oregon also. Fatalities, I believe, can usually be prevented. And according to a website I found, there are colleges that allow loaded firearms.

Schools in Colorado, Virginia, Michigan and Utah allow kids to carry their firearms in classrooms, dorms and on campus.

Our policy would never allow this, but why not?

If concealed weapons were to be allowed, there would be precautions taken. One, for instance, is that a required self-defense and weapon-training course would be taken by everyone who carries.

Another could be mental health checks put on by guidance counselors. That's why their here, isn't it?

I think a lot of people's worry is that students who can't handle it.

Thirdly, it should be mandatory that the weapon stay concealed except in dire need, such as a life-or-death situation, which could be enforced in school rules and by faculty.

When thinking about if this is a good idea, remember: just because concealed weapons could be allowed at schools doesn't make school shootings or violence any more likely to happen.

Deja Brehm is a Scappoose High School student in Scott Deckelmann's journalism class.

STUDENT VOICE is a new editorial feature that showcases a Scappoose High School student's opinions on topics of his or her choice. The participating students are on staff at the high school's student newspaper, The Candle, or are students in Scott Deckelmann's journalism class.

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