City helps neighborhood deal with garbage

Thanks to some very conscientious and persistent neighbors working with Gresham Code Enforcement, a longtime neighborhood problem was resolved.

With many properties in limbo of foreclosure it is often difficult to know who is responsible for property upkeep. Garbage was piling up outside a neighborhood house with no garbage service. With continued communication between neighbors and the city of Gresham, the garbage was trucked away and the neighborhood is more slightly and sanitary.

Thank you to diligent neighbors and the Code Compliance Department.

Claudette Naylor


Wise use of tax dollars

The majority of taxpayers in the greater Portland area are grateful for the very clever method Metro used to purchase land in the Springwater area for the good and welfare of all.

They simply impose excessive regulations that drive property values down, then return later with your tax dollars in hand to purchase the land. This very clever maneuver saving tax dollars began long before the tanking economy set up the perfect smokescreen for the lost value.

One might suspect that Metro's environmental extremists attended the same school as Bernie Madoff.

Richard H. Crampton


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