D'Haeze's help appreciated

To the Editor:

Just a short note of thanks to Dawn d'Haeze and Neighbors Helping Neighbors this fall.

My husband has a little memory situation and isn't in a place that he can help in anyway so when Dawn came along we were so thankful for her concern and help for people with our circumstances.

So at this time we thank Dawn and all the wonderful men and women who came to our rescue and made our yard look so great!

Jackie Mathie

Lake Oswego

West Linn officials 'in bed with LOT'

To the Editor:

Given the coverage that the Tidings has published regarding the Lake Oswego Tigard water treatment plant project (LOT), it is apparent to me that only one side is being presented to your readers.

The Dec. 22 headline on the topic mentioned both boon and bust. But the content seemed only to promote the project, with barely a cursory mention of the concerns of the Robinwood neighbors.

Did your reporter actually attend the work session on the 19th? Or did they just call city officials and take dictation?

Had they attended the meeting and actually spoken with some of the concerned citizens who attended, I have to think that the tenor of the article would have been more balanced.

Homeowners in West Linn in general, and Robinwood specifically, are at risk of an egregious taking of their property rights by an outside agency.

As the proposed project has unfolded, I've watched as Lake Oswego has tried first to sweet talk, then bribe and now strong arm their way into getting what they want. And what they want is to expand an industrial facility into a sleepy neighborhood and run a four foot pipe through Mary S. Young Park, up a narrow residential road and all the way up Highway 43 to Lake Oswego - and all with no direct benefit to the citizens of West Linn. But think about it. It's not just Mapleton Drive residents who will bear the brunt of this project. If you use Highway 43 you will be affected - and you have no say in it.

And here's the thing that most burns about this situation: all along, I thought that my city officials would back up my neighborhood. How could it be that West Linn would allow Lake Oswego to take action that would so negatively impact West Linn's residents?

Well, time for me to think again. Now that LOT is playing hardball with its implicit threat to the city intertie, West Linn officials are nowhere to be found.

Oh, I stand corrected. They can be found. They are right there, in bed with LOT.

And the West Linn Tidings is breathlessly reporting their pillow talk.

Yvonne Davis

West Linn

Editor's note: The Robinwood neighbors'concerns about LOT have been covered extensively in the Tidings in more than a dozen articles this year alone. Our reporter was in attendance at the Dec. 19 meeting. Please revisit the Nov. 3 Tidings and read the article titled 'Sentiments on water treatment facility becoming clear' which outlines how Robinwood neighbors are not warming up to the water plant expansion.)

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