2011: Where are they now? An update of the Sandy Post's top stories of the year
by: file photo One of the highlights of the past year was the installation of the mural adjacent to Centennial Plaza.

Centennial celebrations were the highlight of 2011 for the city of Sandy, which received its incorporation in 1911 - the same year that Clackamas County Bank was formed.

City of Sandy

During the planning stages, then Mayor Linda Malone received support for her idea of increasing the notoriety of some of the city's annual events as well as adding a few new activities.

Among the top activities for Malone was installation of the mural adjacent to Centennial Plaza.

New activities included a hybrid half-marathon, the mural, newly developed plaza (city's living room), urban trail in a forested riparian area and the popular Brewgrass Festival.

An example of what Malone called 'increasing notoriety' of existing events is bringing name artists to perform at concerts in the park - names such as Linda Hornbuckle and Trail Band.

For Community Services Director Nancy Enabnit, there were many activities, but just four stood out as special. Meanwhile, city officials enhanced other activities that occur annually.

The four significant events were the geocache event, charm bracelet program, Brewgrass Festival and the hybrid half-marathon.

Enabnit liked the plaza dedication and mural because they're both related to the city's long history.

'(Activities) served the purpose of bringing people to town,' she said, 'and exposing people to Sandy.'

Enabnit also mentioned the way that Clackamas County Bank added to the fireworks display to help celebrate both centennials.

Clackamas County Bank

Julie Snell, executive vice president of Clackamas County Bank said the bank's centennial celebrations were everything she had hoped.

Bank activities were limited to three events: an open house in May, followed by a huge July 4 display of fireworks for the entire city and sponsorship of the centennial edition of the Sandy Mountain Festival.

A special edition of the Sandy Post recognized the historical nature of the bank, which is the oldest community bank in the state.

'In banking, nowadays,' Snell said, '100 years is a huge milestone.'

A special exhibit with bank memorabilia, organized by Bob Boring, was displayed at the Sandy Historical Society Museum.

Snell said she is looking forward to beginning the bank's next 100 years.

'Part of our mission statement,' she said, 'is that we will remain a locally-owned and independent community bank.'

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