by: Photo courtesy of  Doug Williamson READY TO FLY – Audubon Society of Portland veterinarian Deb Sheaffer holds a Western screech owl, which was struck by a car on Halloween in Sherwood, shortly before its Dec. 18 release in Stella Olsen Park. Becky Sander, who was one of the Sherwood passersby who found the bird, is in the background.

A mended Western screech owl that had apparently been struck by a car on Halloween was released into Stella Olsen Park on Dec. 18.

The animal was discovered by passersby along Sunset Boulevard, just east of Eucalyptus Drive, on the morning of Oct. 31.

'One of the people who found the bird, Becky Sander, released the bird back into the wild. It did great.' said Deb Sheaffer, staff veterinarian for the Audubon Society of Portland's Wildlife Care Center. 'The reason we released it at Stella

Olsen is because that park is near where it was found and was most likely

the bird's territory.'

Sheaffer, who nursed the bird back to health, said the bird needed no coaxing and took off into a stand of trees.

She said the animal initially showed signs of having a head injury but responded well to treatment while in the wildlife hospital.

'Its last few weeks were (spent) in a

flight cage building strength up to be released back to the wild,' said Sheaffer.

Surprisingly, injured owls are not unusual and the Sherwood screech owl was the second to make it to the Audubon Society on Halloween, Sheaffer said.

She said she thought the Sherwood bird was flying low or had been hunting when it was injured.

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