CCPRD purchased new office space at the corner of South Main and Third streets

by: JASON CHANEY/CENTRAL OREGONIAN - Crook County Parks and Recreation staff and board members stand in front of their new building located on South Main Street. From left to right: CCPRD Business Manager Jeannie Searcy, and board members Barb Pennington, Forest Carbaugh, Debbie Smith, and Donna White.

After more than 20 years, the Crook County Parks and Recreation District has outgrown its office space and will move to a new home.
   The District will move from its current Northeast Fourth Street location near the swimming pool to the former Far West Realty building on the corner of Southeast Third and Main streets.
   They chose the location for a variety of reason, including its larger lot and structural space as well as its proximity to Davidson Field and other local parks near South Main Street.
   “We will be able to have our board meetings there unless we are expecting a large group,” said District Business Manager Jeannie Searcy. Currently, they hold the meetings at the Juniper Art Guild.
   The new location features two buildings, one of which the District will use for office and reception. The second one will serve as a storage facility and possibly a location for small classes.
   The bigger lot provides more parking as well, meaning the District can keep its company vehicle on the property.
   “We have always had to get up in the morning, bring it over here, and take it back to the shop at night,” Searcy said.
   Although they had set aside money for a new facility, the District was not actively searching for an office when the property became available. According to Searcy, they had outgrown the facility, but did not need to leave right away.
   Nevertheless, the District staff had always liked the Main Street location, so when the opportunity to buy it arose, they seized it.
   “One of our board members happens to be a real estate agent and knew that we always said that we would love to have that property,” Searcy said. “If it had just been an office space somewhere, we probably wouldn’t have bought it, because we are OK here.”
   At this point, the District still wants to make improvements to the property before they move in. For example, Searcy said they would like to remove a wall to enlarge the lobby portion of one of the buildings.
   The District will probably wait until after their busy summer season to begin the upgrades. Consequently, they don’t plan to move in until January.
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