Two moms used an innovative approach to finding a place for their kid’s used clothing

by: Faye Taylor/special to the Central Oregonian - From Left: Sheri Storey and Jennifer Reed

Colorful, kid-friendly, and packed to the gills with kid stuff is the best way to describe Bows and Britches Kids Consignment.
   Jennifer Reed and Sheri Storey had a lot of kid’s clothing to get rid of and were sick and tired of driving to Redmond and Bend to consign it — especially when you had to go on certain days to consign or get paid for what was sold.
   So, they decided to do something about it and opened their own store in Prineville.
   Once Reed voiced the idea to her friend, Storey, things started to happen.
   “I’m a Girl Scout leader, also,” Reed said. “I went to the Girl Scout store and was talking to one of the other leaders there and I said we’re coming up with this idea.”
   That leader had just bought a consignment store, but didn’t want the kid stuff, so Reed and Storey made her an offer and she accepted it. They were also able to acquire free display racks from a store going out of business.
   “This was all within a week or two of coming up with the idea,” Reed said.
   They were in business before they knew it.
   They quickly found a reasonably priced retail space and opened their doors. At first, they had to do some creative time management since Reed was still finishing her Bachelor’s degree and Storey was, and still is, selling real estate.
   Now, with Reed finished with school for awhile, they are up to full speed and keeping regular hours.
   “We just thought the community needs something like this — somewhere to take their stuff and they don’t have to drive to Redmond or Bend. It’s somewhere to go without a whole bunch of restrictions,” said Reed.
   “With the price of gas and where our economy’s going, we wanted to make it easy, and fair, and convenient,” Storey explained.
   “Our motto is Moms helping moms save money,” Reed said.
   They carry clothing, for boys and girls from infant to teen. They also have toys, furniture, car seats, bedding, video games, movies, and basically anything that kids need.
   These two women spend the time to check for recalls, and compare retail and used pricing so they can give their consignees the best price while offering a good value to buyers.
   In addition to their slightly used clothing, they have a slightly “more” used rack.
   “It’s good for play clothes, taking to grandma’s house, or camping,” Reed said.
   Consignment is an easy way to make a little or save a little. To start consigning, all that is needed is to chat with Reed or Storey and sign a simple contract and watch the piggy banks fill up.
   “We’re just here to help everybody out,” Reed said.
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