er Veterans Day weekend last month, Head Start staff and students returned to their building to find it vandalized.
   The building was hit with eggs and ketchup, and splattered with white paint across the front wall, door, and concrete steps that lead into the building.
   Making matters worse, this is not the first time someone has targeted the Head Start facility. Near the end of last school year, some unknown assailants broke into the building, took out the school’s tricycles, and damaged them before leaving them to rust under the nearby Ward Rhoden Stadium bleachers.
   We of course do not condone vandalism of any kind. Destroying the property of others for no apparent reason is pointless and sad. That being said, the Head Start case is particularly upsetting. The facility provides children from low income families a free preschool, as well as a clean, safe place for them to play. As Prineville Police Captain Boyd aptly stated, they are as undeserving of a victim as anybody can be.
   Unfortunately, the Head Start program cannot afford to clean it up the paint at this time because of other more pressing needs. As a result, each day the children get off the bus to enter the building, they are left wondering why anyone would do this to their building. They are not alone — we can’t figure it out either.
   Prineville police are trying to find the people responsible for the vandalism, but have not seen a break in the case yet. Boyd said that they often find the culprit because they finally brag of their deeds to a friend. He also noted that the Prineville community is made up of good citizens who hear about vandalism and report it.
   We agree, and we urge the people of this community to keep their eyes and ears open in hopes that somebody can figure out who is to blame. Parents should ask their children if they know anything about it.
   We also ask people to remain on the lookout for other potential acts of vandalism. If something looks suspicious, do not hesitate to report it. It may be hard to stop all vandalism cases, but some extra vigilance on our part might slow it down and make would-be vandals think twice.
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