>DMV on pace to replace knowledge test kiosks
DMV is installing new knowledge-test kiosks at its offices across the state through early November. Each office must close for one day for installation of equipment and staff training.
   DMV uses automated testing devices, or ATDs, to give the multiple-choice test of Oregon traffic laws and driver safety knowledge. Passing the knowledge test is one of the requirements for driving privileges in Oregon.
   DMV installed the current ATD system in 1999. Both the software and hardware are obsolete and difficult to maintain. Replacing the ATD kiosks and software, as well as training DMV staff to use the new system, will require most of DMV's field offices to close for a day this fall.
   A few DMV offices do not offer knowledge testing or are open only one day per week, so not every DMV office will be affected. A handful of offices will need to close for more than one day.
   "We planned the installation schedule so that no two offices in any region of Oregon are closed on the same day," DMV Field Services Manager Stephanie Miles said. "People can plan their visits to DMV around these closures, but we always encourage customers to do their DMV business by mail or online whenever possible."
   Most passenger vehicle registrations can be renewed online at, as well as by mail. Oregon residents also can file a change of address or a notice of sale of their vehicle at
   The new ATDs will use randomly selected questions like the current machines and function similarly to the current devices. The new kiosks will let users adjust the font size for reading comfort. The new system also will input the test score directly into DMV's computer system, saving staff time in adding scores manually and avoiding the risk of errors in manual entry.
    The Prineville office will be closed, Tuesday, Oct. 4.
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