>Incumbent has several key goals if re-elexted
Nearing his 28th year as Crook County surveyor, Dave Armstrong is showing no signs of slowing and has decided to re-run for the position in the fall.
   "It looks like I'm going to be in the surveying and engineering business for a period of time. I've held the Crook County surveyor's office for 28 years at the end of this year, so if I'm going to still be active in the field, I'd like to remain active as the county surveyor as well," Armstrong said. "It's gotten to be habit-forming."
   As of now, Armstrong is running unopposed, and he attributes this to the qualifications of the job.
   "It's kind of a limited field because the qualifications are you have to be a registered land surveyor. You really have to be in the profession to hold it," he said.
   He mentioned his principal goal for the upcoming year is to continue the corner restoration program, which involves re-monumentation and restoration of the public land corners in the county.
   "We've got a good coverage of the active areas of the county. We're trying to expand that out and away from the more populated areas now because we have good coverage in most areas of the county. Since that's an ongoing program, we've managed to cover the county well with that," he said.
   The public land corners date from the original surveys of the general land office, and most were formed in the late 1860s.
   "Those monuments are, for the most part, marked stones or stone mounds. What we do is go in and try to identify those and then re-monument them with an iron pipe or iron rod so they are easy to recognize as corners and easier to find for both landowners and other surveyors," he said.
   But that's not all he does as county surveyor.
   "The other duties of the office are to advise the other county departments concerning survey-related matters and also be available for the county court to do court-directed surveys," he said. "The county surveyor is also responsible for keeping and maintaining the survey records of the county. I review the surveys as they come in from other surveyors for completeness and conformance with Oregon state law and then those go through a review process and then they are filed and indexed in the county records. It's an important function, reviewing those plats for conformances with the standards and local ordinances."
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