Central Oregon Drug Enforcement Team, also known as CODE, has been putting drug dealers behind bars for the past 15 years now.
   Working as a team with members from Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson counties, the CODE Team has made a name for itself in central Oregon.
   Although government agencies working together seem to be an aberration on the national level, it's great to see the tri-counties in central Oregon working as one and bringing down suppliers, users, dealers and manufacturers on a local level.
   While this is a problem that will never go away - said a CODE Team member, "It's just like crime going away, it'll never go away, we can do as best we can" - we feel that the CODE Team is doing an incredible job in central Oregon.
   While we applaud the CODE Team for keeping crime and drug levels to a minimum in the area, we also applaud the community for keeping an eye out for possible offenders.
   The CODE Team is only as strong as the community it serves, and with CODE pursuing drug busts on a routine basis, clearly, the team and the community are working together.
   While some in Crook County may carry an "out of sight, out of mind" attitude when dealing with suspicious neighbors, continued vigilance from all of us will be necessary.
   The CODE Team has a good track record, but the group relies on the public's help in cracking down on drug crime. The team provides a much-needed service, and if you witness suspicious activity, you should report it and not simply look the other way.
   Let's all help keep Crook County clean.
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