ffic. It's an issue that has come to the forefront of many a discussion in Prineville.
   More people are moving here, more people are commuting to and from Prineville every day, and all of that is putting an increasing amount of traffic on Prineville's streets.
   Part of the problem is that Prineville has very few streets that run the length of the city unhindered. Parks, schools, and rivers all play a part in preventing good east and west traffic flow, which puts more strain on Third Street.
   Therefore, it is our hope that the Oregon Department of Transportation approves the idea of an off ramp from Highway 126 directly on to Second Street. True, Second Street does not run unimpeded from the west end of town to the east end of town, but giving people the opportunity to exit to the south part of town without having to drive on Third Street can only serve to ease our present - and future - traffic congestion.
   Having a state highway serve as the main thoroughfare through town has drawbacks, and we hope that ODOT will see the Second Street off ramp as a means of easing some of those problems.
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