z Breazeal passed away on March 10, 2007 in Keizer, Ore. She was born on March 2, 1911 in Blodgett, Ore., to Foster and Edith Cadwalader.
   She is survived by: a son Harold, of Salem, Ore.; two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. No funeral services are planned.
   The family moved to Prineville in 1941, shortly before the attack on Pearl Harbor, when Harold was 18 months old. Her husband Lee Breazeal went back to the Navy for the duration of the war.
   Mrs. Breazeal went to work at the Marketeria grocery. After the war, her husband came home and eventually went to work at the post office until he retired. Mrs. Breazeal worked in the credit department at Erickson's Department Store until about 1960. The credit department handled the accounts of both Erickson's Department Store and Erickson's Grocery Store.
   She left Prineville and moved to Phoenix, Ariz., for health reasons in about 1960.
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