today's Central Oregonian, we reported that the Crook County Clerk's Office recently requested funds to upgrade their vote-tabulating machine.
   The Crook County Court unanimously approved the request, as they should have.
   But what's a little frustrating is that the need for the update to the machine is due to the fact that people can't follow instructions.
   On the voter's ballot it clearly states that the voting "bubbles" should be filled in with a No. 2 pencil.
   The reason the machine is being updated is because it won't read ink with red dye.
   If the machine read a ballot where the voter had used ink containing red dye, it automatically kicked it out and it would have to be counted by hand.
   So, in case you aren't keeping track, voters who can't (or won't) follow instructions potentially cost the rest of us more money because it resulted in paying Crook County personnel to count the votes by hand, and now has resulted in an upgrade to the voting machine - the latter resulting in a $45,000 bill.
   In the long run, counting the votes is always better than not counting them, but it doesn't make it any less frustrating for those of us who can follow directions.
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