This weekend's doubleheader at Hermiston for the Crook County baseball and softball teams will carry some hefty weight in the league standings.
   While it won't decide the fate of either team -- Hermiston included -- it will make a huge difference in the Intermountain Conference and would be a good starting point for Crook County to make a playoff run.
   Figure that the Cowgirls are 0-3 in the IMC. If they win both, they're 2-3 and right back into the playoff picture. If they lose both, they're 0-5 and well, looking grim. If they split -- not the best case but not the worst either -- they'd be 1-4. While a split wouldn't be the preferred choice, it would give the Cowgirls their first league win, which has to be worth something. Consider it the silver lining.
   In other news, the track and field squad will compete at the Sisters Rotary Club Invitational, which will host some 900 athletes, according to CC Coach Ernie Brooks. Considering the size of Sisters, I'll probably park in Redmond and walk over.
   Also, spring weather means spring rodeo will be starting soon. The Crook County rodeo team will compete next weekend at the Umpqua Valley High School Rodeo in Roseburg.
   Have a good weekend.
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