decision made by the City of Prineville to award their water well project to the lowest bidder is an interesting one, and one that will save the city quite a bit of money.
   Western Water Development, whose bid of $419,355, the lowest of three bids, was awarded Prineville's water well project, city officials said Wednesday.
   While the process of awarding the bid to Western Water Development was marred in controversy, they were, in fact, the lowest bidder, and as a result, everyone is happy.
   When it comes to money, the destination means everything. The journey, sometimes, nothing.
   The city staff was informed that Western's bid submittal was not submitted according to the standards outlined by the special consultant to the city, during the meeting, causing the consultant to recommend the second lowest bidder.
   Bids made by Boart Longyear Geo-Tech and Schneider Equipment were submitted with accurate standards, while Western's standards were incorrect due to the misinterpretation of one word.
   Thus, the city consultant at the time recommended to award the bid to the next lowest bidder, which would have been Boart Longyear Geo-Tech. But that decision would have left the city council sinking in their own project, as the inevitable result would have been a protest by Western Water Development.
   But when this was all settled, through discussions with all three bidders, the leadership of city council verified that Western could complete the project under the standards that were outlined and added an addendum to the contract to ensure that.
   While getting to where we are today hasn't been an easy process, Western was awarded the bid, the City of Prineville made the right decision by potentially saving the city approximately $874,000, and everything is, well, well.
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